National Change in Weather Pattern

Major shift in weather expected after this weekend.

Once the big storm system that has been making its way across the country this week moves on through this weekend, USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says we will see a significant weather pattern change that will likely change the weather everywhere in the country.

"Areas of the Midwest and the East that have been cold for about a month now are looking at a rapid warm-up," Rippey says. "Meanwhile areas of the West that have been so warm and dry are looking at a cool down along with an increase in storminess; good news for the snow pack in the western United States."

While that is the forecast for next week, Rippey says it's likely to shift again the following week.

"We are expecting cold weather suddenly for the West and the Northern Plains and warm weather across the Southeast and the East," Rippey says. "With that pattern change comes rhe wet weather for much of the West, also for the Northern Plains and up into the Great Lakes region, but generally dry across the Southern Plains into the Southeast."

Rippey says that weather pattern could dominate for quite some timer, perhaps even most of the winter.

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