National Farmers Union Hosting Fly-In

Farmers and ranchers will take concerns to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

National Farmers Union will host its annual Fall Fly-In Sept. 8-10, with more than 150 family farm and ranch members traveling to Washington, D.C.

"There is nothing more effective than sharing a personal story, face-to-face, with policy-makers. Walking the halls of Congress gives our members a chance to communicate with their representatives and influence policy in Congress," says NFU President Tom Buis.

Buis says five priorities will be focused on during this year's Fly-In: Implementation of 2008 Farm Bill; climate change; dispelling myths about food vs. fuel; supporting trade agreements and rural healthcare.

"We were there, step by step, as Congress wrote the 2008 Farm Bill, now, it's time to ensure USDA implements this important legislation as intended by Congress," says Buis. "Skyrocketing energy costs have a much more significant impact on the price of food than the price of corn, or any other raw commodity. America's farmers have been providing a safe, abundant food supply for more than 200 years. We will continue to do so while fueling our nation to energy independence."

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