NAWG joins other groups in support of Marshall for Congress

NAWG joins other groups in support of Marshall for Congress

NAWG breaks tradition of silence in primary to support opponent of incumbent Tim Huelskamp

Today, the National Association of Wheat Growers became the final ag commodity organization in Kansas to endorse Great Bend physician Roger Marshall to represent the Big First of Kansas in Congress. Marshall is challenging incumbent Tim Huelskamp in the Republican primary on Aug. 2.

"Huelskamp has consistently voted against the best interests of the people of the first district, my district," said Sharon Springs farmer David Schemm, vice president of the NAWG.

NAWG joins the Kansas Livestock Association, Kansas Farm Bureau, National Corn Growers Associatio and the National Sorghum Producers Association in endorsing  Marshall.

WHEAT GROWERS ENDORSE: The National Association of Wheat Growers broke with tradition to join other ag groups in supporting Great Bend physician Roger Marshall against 1st District Rep. Tim Huelskamp.

“As a Kansas wheat farmer, and a constituent of Marshall’s district, it is important to me that there is someone who I can trust in Washington to advocate for my needs, and the needs of other farmers,” Schemm said.  “Marshall stands for, and with, Kansas farmers. He has already demonstrated that he is here to listen to the challenges we face in agriculture and our rural communities. NAWG is pleased to support a candidate that will represent the values, principles and integrity that one of the largest ag district in the country is known for. We are confident that our voices will be heard and respected by Dr. Marshall.”

In an interview at the Ag Media Summit in St. Louis, Schemm said it is unusual for NAWG to endorse a candidate in the primary, but in this race it was important to be on the record in opposition to Huelskamp, who was removed from the budget and ag committees four years ago after a bitter conflict with Speaker John Boehner.

In a press release, NAWG said Marshall is a native Kansas who values the hard work of farmers, the importance of protecting crop insurance and the farm economy and projecting the voices of Kansas farmers into Washington, D.C., where Kansas has lacked ag committee representation for the past four years.

"NAWG’s endorsement of Dr. Roger Marshall is intended to speak to his dedication to giving Kansas wheat farmers a voice in Washington," the release read. "NAWG is confident that Marshall will use his experience and Kansas upbringing to fight for wheat farmers in the upcoming Farm Bill."

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