NBB CEO Believes RFS2 a Great Catalyst for Biodiesel Industry

NBB CEO Believes RFS2 a Great Catalyst for Biodiesel Industry

Jobe says EPA utilized data and comments from NBB.

The National Biodiesel Conference is taking place in Grapevine, Texas this week and the Environmental Protection Agency's announcement of the RFS2 rule is one of the main topics. Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board, believes the ruling will be a great catalyst for the biodiesel industry.


"The rules are very complex but it really sends a strong message that biodiesel is currently the only advanced biofuel, and it meets the greenhouse gas reduction threshold of 50%," Jobe said. "So the net result is that right now if you look at commercialized advanced biofuel, biodiesel is the only thing out there. Cellulosic has not been developed yet, so biodiesel is the only advanced biofuel in the marketplace today."


This rulemaking was not an easy process according to Jobe, but he says it was completed with a great deal of cooperation from the EPA.


"We helped to develop an enormous amount of data to update the agronomic data that was used in the analysis; co-product data; nitrogen application data and indirect land use change across the board," Jobe said. "The EPA acknowledged to us that our comments and our input was perhaps the most substantial and impressive comments and input they received and they incorporated a lot of our data that was provided in working with the USDA."


The end result was an acknowledgement by EPA that biodiesel has the best greenhouse gas reduction score of any commercial scale bio-fuel, the best energy balance of any fuel produced in the U.S., and is the most feedstock diverse fuel on the planet.

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