NCBA Facing Structural Change

NCBA Facing Structural Change

Recommendations will be considered at annual meeting.

The cattle industry is in the fight of its life, and members of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association are considering a structural change that would allow the nation's largest cattle organization to quickly and efficiently address industry challenges without sacrificing grassroots input. The changes, developed by NCBA's Governance Task Force, include a smaller Board of Directors, while retaining strong producer input through a new House of Delegates. The recommendation will be considered at the 2010 NCBA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, next month.


Jan Lyons, co-chair of the task force, says - we are being attacked on many fronts by rapidly changing issues and well-heeled groups, which are light on facts but heavy on funding, and they are threatening to put cattlemen out of business. Lyons believes - our recommendation improves our organization and makes it the lean, mean fighting machine we need to face the forces lining up against our industry.


The Task Force is recommending a 29-member Board of Directors, 26 of whom are elected by a 250-vote House of Delegates and three ex-officio non-voting members. These include the Federation of State Beef Councils Chair and Vice-Chair and the NCBA CEO.  The House of Delegates will include 100 votes from NCBA Affiliates, 100 votes from State Beef Councils, and 50 votes from breed associations and other interested groups.

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