NCGA Commissions Study of Cap and Trade

NCGA Commissions Study of Cap and Trade

Group wants to see how much the legislation will cost growers.

The National Corn Growers Association has been very involved and active in the discussion of cap and trade and climate legislation. NCGA First Vice President Darrin Ihnen speaking at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill. says they are trying to make sure agriculture is fairly represented.


"We've commissioned a study to come up with data to see how will it affect our farms," Ihnen said. "There's been a lot of numbers thrown out there from both parties in D.C. as well as some universities across the country. We want to see specifically how much will cost us if fertilizer goes up, machinery goes up, all those issues; so this study will tell us factual on how climate legislation will affect us as a corn grower."


The study is expected to be released in mid-September before Congress takes up the climate legislation again.


"Agriculture can do a great job in this whole climate debate," Ihnen said. "But at the same time if it costs us way more to do business than we get back out of it, or puts us out of business, that's not good either. That's what we want to find out, how this is going to affect us financially."

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