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Confessions of a Farm Wife: Vol. 18

Confessions of a Farm Wife: Vol. 18

We took the show on the road again this spring, added in a Chicago Field Mom, and welcomed another podcast baby! It's been a big spring.

Well, it's been awhile - like, a year - since we last got the band together, but we managed to record a new podcast at the Women in Agriculture conference, in the Quad Cities.

Between DeAnna teaching school, Emily raising six kids including a set of infant twins, and me taking on a new job(s) here at Penton Agriculture, we’ve been a little overburdened lately. Plus, DeAnna was pregnant, went on bedrest, had a baby, experienced the NICU and more.

(Sidenote: So happy for DeAnna and her husband and their precious little DeLaney Jean, who’s home doing infant life like a rockstar!)

NEW PLAYERS: From left to right, Emily Webel, Holly Spangler and Natasha Nicholes, just before the took the stage at the Women in Agriculture conference.

But aside from all of that excitement, we had so much fun at WIA last year that they asked us back this year with a twist. This year, we added Chicago mom Natasha Nicholes, who I met a couple years ago on an Illinois Farm Families tour, when she was a Field Mom. Natasha blogs at Houseful of Nicholes and she’s darling. She has the best smile, and she offers up the most genuine, thoughtful conversation. What you see is what you get with Natasha, and she’ll tell you exactly what she thinks. I like that in a person.

So the math: 3 farm wives + 1 Chicago mom – 1 farm wife on bedrest = 3 women with a lot to talk about. So that’s what we did.

We covered food, farms, GMOs, twins, label, everything-free turkeys and more. We hope you’ll give it a listen, and be sure to catch what Natasha thinks about food labels and the best thing she learned on her farm visits. Plus, we took questions from the audience! Listen on!

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