NCGA Publication to Focus On American Farmer

The National Corn Growers Association will unveil its 2007 World of Corn publication at the Commodity Classic later this week.

The National Corn Growers Association announced Monday that it would unveil "Energized," its 2007 World of Corn publication, at this week's Commodity Classic in Tampa, Fla.

The publication will focus on the strengths of the American farmer, including statistics about U.S. and world corn production and consumption and facts about corn that the public may not be aware of.

"The World of Corn is NCGA's way of providing key materials to the public about corn production and the role corn plays in American society," says NCGA CEO Rick Tolman. "The corn industry is constantly changing, and corn growers are adapting nearly every day. The 2007 World of Corn tells the story of how producers continue to meet the challenge of increasing demand."

The publication, distributed to all NCGA members through Farm Progress Company magazines, notes the achievements by the corn industry in environmental stewardship, economic development, research and ensuring a reliable food supply.

The 2007 World of Corn will also be available online at the NCGA Web site,

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