NCGA Wants Doha Movement

Disappointment displayed about hesitance in creating trade opportunities for agriculture.

There has been no movement in the Doha round of trade talks since mid December and that has the attention of the National Corn Growers Association. NCGA says talks were not reconvened due to resistance from some nations to open export opportunities for U.S. agriculture goods. Earlier, World Trade Organization Director General Pascal Lamy announced that the talks would not have a chance of success and, therefore, did not call further trade negotiations.

"While NCGA realizes there is no advantage to bringing a deal back from Doha that would not be passed by Congress, says Bill Hoffman, chairman of NCGA's Joint Trade Policy Action Team, "We are still disappointed that trading partners are hesitant to create trade opportunities for agriculture products."

NCGA supports the WTO and multilateral trade negotiations that open markets for U.S. agriculture products and establish fair and equitable trade rules. Hoffman says they would like the Obama administration to continue negotiations that show multilateral agreements are imperative to the agriculture sector.

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