Negotiations with JBS Swift May Take a While

Court appearance has been delayed.

The President of JBS Swift says it could be early March before a deal can be cut between his company and the Department of Justice. The DOJ wants JBS Swift to divest itself of some assets in order to maintain competition within the industry. Wesley Batista visited the Cattle Industry Convention in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday. Batista said which assets and how they are disposed of continues to be discussed by the government and the packer.

The parent of JBS Swift, JBS S.A. is currently the world's largest beef producer and exporter with a daily slaughtering capacity of 65,200 thousand head of cattle and it's the largest global exporter of processed beef. The company's operations include 22 plants located in nine Brazilian states and six plants located in four Argentine provinces, in addition to 16 plants in the USA, 10 in Australia and 10 in Italy.

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