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Signing Off After 40-Plus Years

Signing Off After 40-Plus Years

Watch out grandkids, Papa will be bugging you more now.

Forty-three years ago I joined the staff of Wallaces Farmer, a Farm Progress Publication, as a field editor. Today is my last day as a member of the Farm Progress family.

I had several opportunities when I graduated from the University of Missouri in 1972 with a degree in Agricultural Journalism. But the Wallaces Farmer position fit best with what I wanted to do – interview, photograph and write about farmers and agriculture. I made the right choice.

It has been a fantastic journey. I have had the good fortune to meet hundreds, if not thousands of Midwest farmers, travel all over the country and abroad, interview industry, government and political leaders, and so on.

Papa, Nana, six grandkids, niece and nephew.

I will miss the Farm Progress family and the opportunity to travel and visit with farmers all over the country but I am moving into the next chapter – retirement, spending time with the grandkids and fishing. I still plan to write when possible and maybe you will see my byline again somewhere down the road. I won't be a "rocking chair retiree".

Best wishes to all. If you feel inclined to get in touch, my personal email address is [email protected].

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