New ag bias-ply tire line launched

New ag bias-ply tire line launched

Alliance Tire Group offers the EarthPro line for a wide range of sizes.

The bias ply tire isn't going away and Alliance Tire Group continues to offer farmers an option in this class of rolling product. The Galaxy Earthpro 45 R-1 farm tire lineup has a versatile curved-tread design. ATG is launching the new Galaxy branded bias-ply tire in 22 sizes to make it easier for you to choose the right tire for your needs.

Alliance sells a wide range of tires, and tire types, including high-tech, high-speed radials to cost-efficient bias-ply chore tractor tires under its Alliance and Galaxy brands.

A CERTAIN BIAS: Alliance Tire Group - through its Galaxy brand - will market the EarthPro line of bias-ply tires.

Bruce Besancon, vice president of marketing for Alliance Tire Americas, explains that the new Galaxy Earthpro 45 is a quality bias tire for farmer in a "high quality, cost-effective package. The 45-degree angle of the tread lugs maximize traction and self-cleaning in the field, and because they are longer than 23-degree lugs put more rubber on the ground for a more comfortable ride."

Besancon says the tires feature life-extended features and compound to keep cost of ownership "extremely low." He notes that a wide nose bar as part of the treat design also helps ensure smoother performance and longer service life on gravel. Sizes are available for rims ranging from 20 to 38 inches. Visit to learn more.

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