New aggressive vertical tillage tool

New aggressive vertical tillage tool

Case IH launches the Barracuda with a new disk design.

Nothing like naming your product after a predator to convey that it may be more aggressive, and that's what Case IH has done with the launch of the True-Tandem Barracuda, a new vertical tillage option that the company says provides more aggressive crop residue and soil management. The machine, which features a more aggressive cutting disk, will cut, incorporate and distribute residues up to 4 inches deep, creating the potential for a blacker soil surface, an increase nutrient cycling for the next crop.

Case IH expands its vertical tillage line with the Barracuda. The new disks on this machine really do have teeth.

The company has industry exclusive serrated blaces engineered from Earth Metal that also feature greater concavity than most vertical tillage blades. The blades are designed to maintain a sharp edge even as points wear. The machine is built to run at higher speeds too, with 6 to 9 mph performance. For example, Case IH notes a producer using a 34-foot machine running at 8 mph can cover 28 acres per hour. The machine is available in widths from 22 to 34 feet. Learn more at

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