New Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer tech

New Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer tech

J.R. Simplot comes up with a fertilizer formula that keeps the good features of ammonium nitrate and reducing risks from the popular fertilizer.

J.R. Simplot offers Fusn fertilizer, which uses advance technology to fuse ammonium nitrate with ammonium sulfate to create an ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer that is less detonable, more efficient and socially responsible. Ammonium nitrate is a great nitrogen source, but also has some other negative properties outside of agriculture that is a concern for some. Fusn apparently solves the problem providing what Simplot says is a 20-0-0-14s fertilizer offering you the ability to improve farm productivity with a product that's easy to use and offers a strong return with clear agronomic benefits.

These homogenous granules have ammonium nitrate which has been fused with ammonium sulfate, reducing detonability of the popular fertilizer.

With rising interest in dry fertilizer, any new tech would be welcome to the market. In the release announcing the new product, John Malinowski, vice president of business development and marketing for Simplot's Agribusiness group, notes: "Fusn revitalizes and makes safe a proven nutrient growers want and need. The fusing of nitrate and sulfate suppresses the detonability of the nitrate while adding agronomic benefits such as optimizing plant uptake potential."

The new product is a dry, granular homogenous fertilizer that delivers nitrate and ammonium nitrogen and sulfate sulfur to the plant. Simplot also claims the formulation helps reduce volatilization of surface-applied nitrogen. Learn more about this new fertilizer product at

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