New Anhydrous Application System Increases Capacity, Application Window

New Anhydrous Application System Increases Capacity, Application Window

Accuflow Vortex unveiled to the public at the National Farm Machinery Show

Raven Industries Applied Technology Division has introduced an anhydrous flow cooler system that increases capacity and maximizes applicator time.

The new product was unveiled to the public Wednesday at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.

Called the Accuflow Vortex system, it is the first of its kind anhydrous ammonia application system that has increased capacity with a single cooler.

"The Accuflow Vortex allows growers and custom applicators to apply more anhydrous at faster speeds and colder temperatures, with less weight on the toolbar," says Matt Burkhart, vice president and general manager of Raven’s Applied Technology Division.

CUTAWAY VIEW: The new AccuFlow Vortex system features an auger type system to help cool anhydrous.

"With this system we can now get in excess of 50 gpm and with the addition of the pump it can exceed 80 gpm," adds Gary Esselink, product manager, applicator controls. "With a 60-foot toolbar, an applicator can apply 300 lbs. of N at speeds in excess of 9 mph."

Esslink says the company surveyed custom applicators to learn what they wanted in a system and this meets their needs. The system also comes pre-assembled, saving applicators even more time.

"The Vortex makes an already short application window that much more manageable," he says.

The system also includes improved gauges and stainless steel pipe as well as new safety features. A pressure transducer senses pressure in the system and an alarm goes off if there is too much pressure. Also, the operator can see in the cab whether the valve is open or shut. A secondary relief valve allows operators to bleed the system in as little as 20 minutes.

In addition, Raven is introducing their new AccuFlow HP+ system, which includes the Vortex cooler and a dynamically controlled pump for even greater capacity and precise application. 

The system will be available for purchase in early March, 2014.

Raven application control products are ISObus compatible, giving customers additional control options while reducing cab clutter.

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