New approach to no-flat irrigation tires launched

New approach to no-flat irrigation tires launched

Valley Irrigation is bringing its Revolution Tire to the market.

The new Valley Revolution is an airless tire designed to keep your pivot moving all season long. Flats on irrigation pivots usually happen at inconvenient times and places - when corn is high, heat is intense and tires are difficult to reach without damaging the crop.

This new tire eliminates the problem with flats and uses a proven aperture design, similar to tires used on forklifts. In a media release announcing the tires, Matt Ondrejko, vice president of global marketing, says the company monitored the industry and considered plastic and steel tires before deciding on aperture tires.

Keep that pivot moving with the new Revolution Tire from Valley Irrigation, designed no to go flat.

"Revolution airless tires from Valley are thick, rubber tires with webbing in the sidewall between the tread and the wheel, to give it softness and flexibility," he says.

The company claims the aperture design offers flexibility over ridges and other obstacles to prevent overloading of the drivetrain and the compliant rubber won't slip on rocks and other hard objects. And the non-directional tread offers traction while reducing track depth by keeping mud in the wheel track, rather than pushing it aside like standard tractor tires.

Flat tires can be costly because they're often not found before they cause the center pivot to stop, running the tire, rim and sometimes the gearbox. A flat tire can cost $1,000 to $,1500 and means making repairs in the middle of a field. Flats also can cause downtime during peak irrigation season.

Learn more about the Valley Revolution at

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