New Biological Seed Treatment Provides Nematode Protection

New Biological Seed Treatment Provides Nematode Protection

Bayer CropScience gives preview of VOTiVO.

Bayer CropScience will soon release a new biological seed treatment called VOTiVO that will provide nematode protection for corn, soybeans and cotton. Paul Hewitt, Bayer CropScience product manager, says he believes VOTiVO is the most revolutionary and complete nematode protection on the seed.


"The Society of Nematologists tell me that there's $3 billion annually in crop losses due to nematodes," Hewitt said. "Four out of five animals on Earth are nematodes; that tells us there are a lot of nematodes in our fields. Farmers used to use organo-phosphate insecticides and there is a lot less of that use today and they did have an effect on nematodes. We have nematode problems out there that are robbing farmers of yields."


VOTiVO is a biological, meaning it's made of bacteria, which Hewitt says makes it safe for farmers to use and safe on the seed. As that seed germinates and as the roots grow, VOTiVO lives and grows with that root, surrounding it, providing a living barrier, which renders a nematode basically ineffective.


VOTiVO will be available to farmers in the 2011 growing season. To hear more about VOTiVO use the audio player above to listen to the press conferen

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