New Bioproducts Web Site Introduced

New Bioproducts Web Site Introduced

Interactive online resource assists consumers in finding 'green products.'

The Ohio Soybean Council and the soybean checkoff are helping consumers go green by creating a new Web site that offers information about bioproducts made from agriculturally derived, renewable resources such as soybeans. is an easy-to-use, interactive online resource that assists consumers in finding green products and everything they need to know about bioproducts, from how they are made to which household items include soy.


Ohio Soybean Council executive director Kirk Merritt points out that as more types of bioproducts become available and as consumers continue to make the right choices, bio-based solutions have the potential to replace petroleum-based materials with renewable, environmentally friendly products and resources.


This site will introduce consumers to bio-based alternatives for everything from personal-care items to paints, cleaners and other industrial products. While the majority of the featured products include a soy-based component, there will also be other products included that are made with other agriculturally derived components such as corn. 

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