New Boomer Does More Than Mow

Compact tractor sports 28 horsepower and a longer wheelbase and larger tires.

Hollands new T1110 Boomer compact tractor sports 28 horsepower and ratings sufficient to put it well above the "mower" status.

Larger than a sub-compact tractor, the T1110 has a longer wheelbase and larger tires to handle rough terrain and bigger loads, plus it comes with a two-range hydrostatic transmission with two-pedal controls.

Power for the new Boomer comes from a three-cylinder diesel engine with two powertakeoffs to motivate front and rear-mounted implements. A mid PTO turns at 2,200 rpm and the rear PTO is rated at 540 rpm.

New Holland's new 28 horsepower Boomer T1110 is a compact tractor that acts bigger than its size. Larger

than many competitors, this 3-cylinder diesel uses front and rear implements and can lift 1,000 lbs on its hitch, or 900 lbs. with a front-end loader.

The hydraulic system includes a three-point hitch that will lift 1,000 lbs., enabling the T1110 to operate rotary tillers, snow blowers, mowers, blades, brooms, front-end loaders and many other attachments. Front-end loader lift capacity is 900 lbs. and the optional loader mounts with the Quick-Latch system for easy installation without tools.

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