New BSE Case Confirmed in Alberta

Cow born after feed ban implemented.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed Tuesday the nation's twelfth case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, a six year old dairy cow put down on an Alberta farm. "The animal's carcass is under CFIA control, and no part of it entered the human food or animal feed systems," the federal agency said in a statement issued in Ottawa, Ont.

Dr. George Luterbach, Senior Veterinarian at CFIA, says that the cow born after Canada's feed ban was a downer. It was seen recently by a private veterinarian. Since it met CFIA's case definition for a possible case of BSE, samples from the animal were sent to the provincial lab for review. BSE was subsequently confirmed by CFIA's lab. The testing process typically takes one to two weeks. Since finding its first native born case in 2003, Canada has regularly cautioned that it expects to find new cases occasionally as it moves towards the eradication of BSE.

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