New Cattlemen's Beef Board Chair Speaks Out

New Cattlemen's Beef Board Chair Speaks Out

Industry needs to tell the story of animal agriculture.

At the Cattle Industry Annual Convention, Texas rancher Dan Dierschke was elected to serve as Cattlemen's Beef Board chair.  Dierschke says the biggest challenge the cattle industry faces is the very strong opposition we have from well funded organizations who are committed in their belief that animals should not be used for any human purpose.


"Each of us, individually and collectively; need to tell our story in the clearest, strongest terms possible," Dierschke said. "We cannot count on someone else speaking up for us."


Dierschke has three goals for the Cattlemen's Beef Board; 1) develop an effective response to the increasing demands of the anti-animal use activists, 2) continue to use checkoff investments to build beef demand, and 3) reduce counter-productive arguments within the industry and stress common goals.  

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