New Flexwing Rotary Cutter

New Flexwing Rotary Cutter

Rhino mower designed to be cost-efficient, rugged, and light.

Rhino's SD15 flexwing rotary cutter is the newest edition to the name's line of mowers.

The SD15 features a smooth-top center deck for easy cleaning and retains other popular features of Rhino's medium-duty flexwing machines such as 2-inch cut capacity and 110 horsepower outboard gear boxes and 5-year warranties.

The SD15 was designed for users who want a cost-efficient, rugged mower with manageable weight. The new mower joins a line of 11 models in six product families.

For more information on the SD15, call (877) 408-3297, or go online to:

NEW MOWER: Alamo Group's Ag Division has introduced the new Rhino SD15 flexwing rotary cutter as the latest in its extensive line of mowing machines. The SD15 is designed to be a cost-efficient, rugged mower with manageable weight for a wide group of operators.

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