New Food Safety Web Site Launched

Another tool to gather input from stakeholders.

The White House Food Safety Working Group, led by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, has launched a Web site to provide information about the group's activities and progress. The website,, is designed to provide resources for people who want to learn about the current food safety network as well as stakeholders and organizations working to upgrade America's food safety system.


Sebelius says the Web site will help ensure all Americans can share their thoughts and contribute to this important process of modernizing the food safety system and protecting the American people. As a result of this Web site, Vilsack says the Working Group will become an important tool for gathering ideas as to how we can strengthen the food safety system be more accountable and accessible to the public it protects.


Last week, representatives from the White House Food Safety Working Group met and outlined principles to meet the President's goal. In the weeks to come, the group will provide additional opportunities to engage stakeholders in conversations and help shape these principles.

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