New Front-end Loader From Buhler

New model adds size and capacity.

Buhler Allied recently introduced the Buhler Allied 2995 front-end loader for tractors from 200 to 300 horsepower.

The new model is larger in size and capacity than the 2895 and sports pivot pins with 1/4-inch more diameter than the smaller model. The 2995 is 52.5 inches wide, weighs 2,175 lbs, and is rated at 8800 lbs. breakout force at the pivot pin. The lift height is 187 inches and the lift capacity at maximum height is 7,000 lbs.

Options include Buhler Allied's Cushion Ride to minimize impact on the loader and tractor when crossing rough terrain. Also, a self-leveling system is available along with a three-function valve/joystick package, quick disconnect and a wide selection of attachments.

For more information, contact Adam Reid (204) 479-4667.

HEAVY HAULER: A new front-end loader for high horsepower tractors is the newest in the Buhler Allied line. The new 2995 model is the largest capacity and sized loader in the B/A line.

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