New Herbicide Launched for Soybeans

Product provides broadleaf control and assists with grass in soybeans.

FMC Corporation has released Authority Assist, a new herbicide that controls broadleaf, small-seeded weeds and grasses in soybean fields. Labeled for a variety of key weeds, Authority Assist is a tool for overall resistance management in soybeans by controlling several resistant biotypes.

Authority Assist is a flexible option for farmers seeking to control weeds in their soybean fields. It can be applied in no-till, minimum-till or conventional tillage systems and be used in a tank mix with other herbicides for either fall burndown or pre-plant in the spring.

"Authority Assist provides soybean growers effective residual control of tough broadleaf weeds and grass assist in one convenient product," says Yemel Ortega, Product Manager for FMC. "Authority Assist provides control of problematic weeds, allowing growers more flexibility in post application timing and contributing to maximize soybeans yields."

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