New High Capacity Offset Mower

New High Capacity Offset Mower

Kuhn North America adds RSM 180 to its long line of hay and forage gear.

Kuhn North America, Inc., expanded its long line of mowers and hay and forage equipment with the new 6-foot offset RSM 180 mower.


Aimed at medium-duty applications the RSM 180 features a mower head that can free float or be hydraulically controlled and adjusted from 55 degrees down to 90 degrees vertical -- allowing mowing into ditches and vertically up embankments. The 180 is recommended for dikes, levies, building perimeters with small clearances and open space.


The new Kuhn RSM 180 is a medium-duty mower designed for dikes, levies, building perimeters and open spaces.

Mechanical breakaway features protect the mower from obstructions, and a rear roller provides height control for use on irregular surfaces. The machine's articulated hammer knives are specifically designed to mow in areas where rocks are present.


For more information on the RSM 180 and other Kuhn products, call (608) 897-2131, ext. 2259, or visit:

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