New high-precision receiver launched

New high-precision receiver launched

TeeJet announces new GNSS receiver for precision farming applications.

TeeJet Technologies is launching the RX520 dual-frequncy GNSS receiver offering upgradable accuracy and performance to precision farming applications. The system features an integrated L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS receiver and antenna in a single enclosure. And an integrated magnetic mount allows for easy installation.

the new RX520 from TeeJet Technologies features an integrated L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS receiver and antenna in a single compact enclosure. Integral magnetic mounting allows for a clean, low-profile installation.

All RX250 receivers include ClearPath technology for consistent position data even if brief signal loss occurs. The standard L1/L2 SBAS receiver offers plus-or-minus 5 to 8-inch pass-to-pass accuracy for a wide variety of field operations. Optional Precise Point Positioning provides improved plus-or-minus 2 to 4-inch pass-to-pass accuracy and year to year repeatability making which is spot on for strip-till and other high precision operations. PPP accuracy is delivered via a TerraStar subscription signal and is offered in 1-, 3-, 6- and 12-month packages.

The system is designed so buyers can start with the accuracy needed now, but have the option to upgrade to more precise accuracy and higher performance in the future.

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