New larger ATV tire sizes launched

New larger ATV tire sizes launched

Titan Int'l builds on its Rawhide ATV tire line with bigger products.

Titan International is adding two new sizes to its Goodyear Rawhide ATV tire lineup. The new 26x11-14 and 26x9-14 sizes are the largest available in the Rawhide Grip tread pattern. The design offers self-cleaning and aggressive bite for added traction, using a high-void-to-lug ratio, claw-shaped tread pattern and deep 3/4-inch lugs. The larger 14-inch wheel size adds more stability and taller suspension, and is a key choice for sandy or boggy terrain.

Two new larger sizes expand the Goodyear Rawhide ATV tire lineup

The latest size addition rounds out a key offering from Titan Goodyear in the Rawhide family, which now includes 20 sizes and styles, available in long-bar, short-bar and claw-shaped patterns to meet a range of off-highway demands. Learn more at

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