New liquid fertilizer applicator launched

New liquid fertilizer applicator launched

Unverferth announces launch of NutriMax Liquid Fertilizer Applicator to provide precision placement.

The rising need for more precise application of crop nutrients, in season, is opening a new product category - the precision-placed liquid fertilizer applicator. The newest in that category is the Nutrimax Liquid Fertilizer Applicator from Unverferth. The machine allows you to put fertilizer into the row in a growing crop for optimum crop performance.

The machine features a rugged design for high-speed operation and tall 36-inch toolbar for better crop clearance and a longer application window. The patent pending side-folding toolbar provides a narrow 14-foot, 3/4-inch transport width.

In-season fertilizer application grows in popularity and the new Unverferth NutriMax system offers key features for that market segment.

Tools bards are available in 60-, 66-, 88- and 90-foot widths. The 60-foot model folds to 40-feet for dual width application. The center frame is constructed of dual 5-inch-by-7-inch tubes and a single 6-inch-by-6-inch tube on the outer wings for enhanced durability.

The side-folding toolbar design raises the coulters on the mid-section to achieve the narrow transport width and the hydraulic wing-tilt feature automatically raises the boom 15-degrees above parallel to minimize crop damage while turning. The center section of the boom features 18-inches of clearance when raised and frame clearance of 26-inches.

Undercarriage choices included an adjustable axle from 88-inches to 140-inches to accommodate single and/or dual wheel sizes and row crop spacings. The NutriMax applicator is also available with 14-inch wide Equalizer tracks with patent-pending cambering from front to rear and side to side with an adjustable tread width from 88-inches to 144-inches.

Six-bolt coulters are mounted with cast iron clamps and users can choose from straight or wavy coulters and injection nozzles or knife injectors to meet specific needs. Row spacings of 20- 22- and 30-inches are available to match a range of cropping practices.

Options include an inductor system for adding micronutrients from ground level, and a steerable-hitch system for added steering control on end rows to minimize crop damage during turns.

For additional information, growers are encouraged to check with their nearest Unverferth dealer or visit for complete details.

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