A new metal roofing system

A new metal roofing system

Lester Building Systems rethinks the roofing system and comes up with a new approach.

Lester Building Systems is launching its patented Eclipse Roof system, which is the only roofing system of its kind. For the first time, buyers can benefit from a roof system that combines the structural integrity, efficiency and ease of installation of a through-fastened roof with a sleek appearance and leak-free performances of a standing seam roof.

The Eclipse roofing system installs quicker with fewer panels and fewer connectors than conventional systems.

The 36-inch wide Eclipse panel installs quicker and easier than the typical standing seam panel; requiring one-third to one-half the number of panels and fewer screws than the typical standing seam roof panel. And the 26 gauge Eclipse panel can be installed over open purlins. No roof deck is required. Less material and less labor for installation equates to exceptional value. Learn more at lesterbuildings.com.

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