New Office Created for Small Meat Plants

Assistance in understanding and complying with rules and regulations.

The rules and regulations concerning food safety are complex and time consuming to implement even for large meat packing plants. For smaller plants the task of putting together the required food safety plan is even more daunting.

Undersecretary of Food Safety Dr. Richard Raymond says the Food Safety and Inspection Service needs to work with these small plants to ensure food safety, because the weakest link can give the entire industry a black eye. To that end, Raymond announced a new office within FSIS, called the Office of Outreach, Employee Education and Training.

"This office will have that dedicated staffing and dedicated resources to provide a consistent delivery of key agency outreach and training sessions on current and future food safety and food defense issues, including humane handling," Raymond says.

More than 5000 meat packing plants fall into the small or very small category. This office will provide a one-stop place for information and help with complying with food safety regulations.

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