New Pork and Poultry Quotas Set by Russia

New Pork and Poultry Quotas Set by Russia

U.S. import quotas decreased for 2010, although beef increases.

Russia has lowered its import quotas for U.S. pork and poultry for next year.  Reuters reports Russia set the 2010 import quota for U.S. poultry at 600,000 tons.  That's down from 750,000 tons in 2009.  And Russia has cut the U.S. pork quota to 57,500 tons for 2010. That's down from 100,000 tons in 2009.


U.S. Meat Export Federation spokesman Joe Schuele says this announcement is not surprising, though they were hopeful of a more positive final result for the U.S. pork industry. Schuele said the beef quota is actually rising to 21,700 metric tons for 2010-2012 from the 18,500 metric ton quota of 2009.


Russia is working to become self-sufficient in meat production. The country plans to invest more than 93.6 billion rubles, or about $3 billion, into developing its domestic pig breeding industry over the next two years. 

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