New Regulation Requires Reporting of Trichomoniasis

New Regulation Requires Reporting of Trichomoniasis

Law will put restrictions on import of bulls into the state; require trich infections be reported so they can be tracked.

Kansas will soon have a regulation requiring ranchers to report any trichomoniasis infections, state livestock commissioner Bill Brown told more than 180 cattle producers attending a Kansas Livestock Association/Kansas State University Ranch Management Field Day in Cowley County.

Brown said the law will go into effect in about two weeks and is intended to help officials track cases of trich.

Bulls will not the imported into the state unless they are going directly to a processing plant or have a certification from a veterinarian that trich has not occurred in the herd of origin in the last two years.

Owners of virgin bulls, and bulls 18 months or younger, must certify that the animals have not been exposed to breeding-age females. Non-virgin bulls, or bulls older than 19 months of unknown status, must be certified negative for trich through testing before they will be allowed to enter the state.

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