New Rotating Sprinkler from Netafim

New Rotating Sprinkler from Netafim

Two angles and seven flow rates make the Meganet sprinkler adaptive to many uses.

From nurseries to open-field crops, the new rotating impact sprinkler from Netafim USA is capable of delivering a uniform 55-diameter water pattern.


Dubbed the Meganet sprinkler, the new nozzle has two equal water jets and no wobble. It  is available in seven flow rates and a pair of trajectory angles for uniform application in many crop/field conformations.


Each Meganet sprinkler has its own filter and bug-resistant design and is equipped with a 1/2-inch male threaded connection. Also, the sprinkler is made from a UV-protected material that is resistant to fertilizers and chemicals.


For more information on the new sprinkler visit

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