New seed tech tools upgrade treating, handling

New seed tech tools upgrade treating, handling

USC launches a new seed treater, and tube conveyor for downstream seed handling.

Seed treatment is big business and USC is a long-time player in the market. The company has rolled out two new products to the seed market including a new treater and a tube conveyor. Both are designed with gentle, efficient, seed management in mind.

It's been more than 15 years ago since USC entered the downstream seed treating market, and the company keeps innovating with the rollout of the LPV seed treater. The LPV's design offers diversified weighing and metering options that are more accurate, efficient and economical. For example, you can get a Seed Metering Wheel or Tri-Flo system; or choose a Loss in Weight system. There's even a Weight Belt choice for smaller grains.

The new LPV seed treater offers a range of measurement and management options.

The standard 42-inch tilting drum ranges from -5 to +2 degrees to make clean easier, and faster - as quick as 15 seconds. With a lower head height, the LPV fits under a 16.5-foot building, and with its larger drum it actually requires a smaller footprint. The discharge difference between the new LPV and USC's LPX system is simple: The LPV's discharge is level, allowing better coverage at the beginning of the run, a more consistent coating during and a more natural drying experience at the end.

Tube conveyor rollout

Maintaining seed quality means moving it gently from place to place and the new USC Tube Series (TS) conveyor line fills that role. The TS Conveyor offers a 3-year warranty on all belts and an 18-month warranty on the conveyor. The company also improved on the decline/incline of the belt to make the conveyor more structurally sound, while still offering gentle seed handling. The TS combines the gentleness of USC's SS Series with the traditional stability of a tube-style conveyor.

Gentle seed handling is the hallmark of the new TS conveyor series from USC.

The conveyor has USC's unique seed trays and no pinch points while both the TS2500 and TS3500 boast higher capacities with the same belt width making it more efficient than the competition. The TS series includes a built-in towing hitch for easy transport.

For more information on the LPV seed treater or the TS conveyors, visit

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