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Inspiration to spare

Inspiration to spare

Kansas farmer Zach Short is marking an incredible and life-changing anniversary this week; watching this video will be 20 minutes well spent for your farm family.

Social media has its share of downsides and critics, but one of the greater upsides is that it can unite people across vast geographic distances, for any number of reasons. Sometimes it's because you vote for the same politician, or grow the same crops, or raise the same cattle.

Sometimes it's because you collectively gasp at the horrific turn of bad luck someone experiences, when they do the very same things you do every day.

And so it was a year ago when I first heard Zach Short's name. Zach farms in Kansas, two states west of here. A year ago this week, he was electrocuted when an auger wagon came in touch with a power line. Zach is a young man with a wife and a baby and an incredible will to live and survive. The Peterson Farm Brothers have shared his story, asking for prayers for him.

At the year's mark of his accident, his wife, Jodi, put together this video. It's 20 minutes long but it's worth it. Give it a watch with your farm family and consider what it takes to come back from injuries like this; what it must be to walk again; what it must be to watch nothing short of a miracle when the doctors have prepared you for the worst.

I'm here to tell you, Zach and his story are nothing short of inspiring.

The Salina Journal carried a two-part story on Zach Short this week, called "Unbreakable." Check out part one and part two for more details.

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