New tires offered for bigger machines

New tires offered for bigger machines

Michelin introduces three new tire sizes using its Ultraflex technology.

Boosting productivity often means moving to larger equipment, but that can bring compaction problems. Michelin - the first company to offer increased flexion and very high flexion tires to market more than 10 years ago - is building on that history with three new tire sizes for 2016. Each is designed for larger harvesters and sprayers and here's a rundown of the three products:

BIG MACHINES: Heavier machines need help reducing compaction and Michelin is stepping up with three new VF and IF tires.

Spraybib VF 480/80R46 177D is the latest edition to the VF sprayer line. This new Spraybib tire is designed to offer farmers a unique sprayer tire that fits between the standard, narrow row-crop tire and a flotation tire for preplant applications. The tire offers a load capacity of up to 16,094 pounds, at speeds up to 40 mph, while maintaining a low inflation pressure to minimize compaction.

Spraybib VF 380/90R54 176D is for high clearance sprayers and row-crop tractors and has a load capacity to handle the largest sprayers and planters on the market, while offering lower air pressures. At those lower pressures this tire has a large footprint providing traction for use in narrow-row spacing.

Cerexbib IF 1000/55R32 CFO 188A8 is the largest harvester tire in the Michelin lineup and is designed for use on large harvesters and grain carts. This Ultraflex tire carries loads at lower pressures to guarantee the lowest compaction and rutting.

Michelin Ultraflex VF tires can be operated with up to 40% less air pressure than standard radial tires and up to 20% less pressure for Ultraflex IF tires. That means a larger footprint, lower compaction and higher crop yields. And that larger footprint brings improved traction. Learn more at

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