New Tool for Wheat Weed Control

Newly approved herbicide designed for broad spectrum control.

DuPont's newly approved Agility SG herbicide is offering wheat producers a new tool for better weed control, including tough ALS resistant species.

Agility features four active ingredients and two modes of action to offer a broad spectrum product without the hassles of mixing multiple products, say Jim Collins, general manager of the company's crop protection division.

Agility controls more than 80 tough broadleaf weeds, including Russian thistle, pigweed and kochia. It's also covered by DuPont Crop Protection Plus wheat program, which provides growers who purchase the product with product cost replacement if their crop is destroyed by drought, flood, frost/freeze, fire or hail.

For more information on Agility, and its registration in your state check with a DuPont dealer or call (303) 716-3905.

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