New tool for strip till

New tool for strip till

Kuhn Krause offers 3-point mounted Gladiator tool in 4- to 16-row configurations.

Kuhn Krause is offering the three-point mounted Gladiator 1205NM that boasts several new features to boost productivity and decrease maintenance. The tools are available in 4- to 16-row configurations and features a new toolbar designed to lower maintenance, facilitate serviceability and improve transport dimensions. Hardened pins and bushings at pivot points on the folding toolbars and the lift assist option eliminate daily greasing, while hydraulic cylinders & hoses are now mounted externally allowing easy access for service or replacement.

The Gladiator 1205M strip-till rig offers a range of key performance features.

Folding toolbars use a specially designed hinge (patent pending) allowing the wings to fold slightly forwards when folding over-center improving transport dimensions.  This angled hinge also causes wings to resist upwards movement in field working position, thereby helping to maintain target depth.

There’s an optional lift assist system for 6- to 16-row models. The St-Pro row unit is used on the Gladiator and requires zero maintenance, and you can make adjustments without using tools. The Drop Zone nutrient placement system ensures accurate fertilizer placement. Learn more at

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