New UAS player for agriculture

New UAS player for agriculture

Pulse Aerospace enters ag market with high-tech aerial system for capturing images and data.

Pulse Aerospace, a Lawrence, Kan.-based technology company, has announced new unmanned aerial system technology for agriculture. Called the Pulse, the system is based on the company's Vapor unmanned air vehicle, and combines advanced autopilot tech with an FAA-compliant, military grade, all-electric, unmanned aerial vehicle. The machine is available in two models - the Vapor 35 has a main rotor diameter of 65 inches and an allowable payload of 5 lbs.; the Vapor 55 has a 90-inch diameter rotor and can carry a 10-lb. payload.

Pulse Aerosapce takes to the sky with its new Vapor unmanned aerial vehicle.

The vehicle can be programed to take off and hover using a single command. The machine can also be programmed to fly a "mission" to cover a field and gather scouting images automatically. Learn more about this larger, more capable UAV by visiting

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