New vertical tillage tools from Agco

New vertical tillage tools from Agco

The 6631 series offers wide range of cutting widths and blades designed to stay sharp.

Seven new models of tillage equipment are joining the Agco lineup under the Sunflower brand. The 6631 Series vertical tillage line offers true cutting widths from 20-feet., 5-inches., to 37-ft., 5-in. The implements feature Saber Blade disk blades and a staggered offset disk gang design mounted at an 18-degree angle on both the front and rear gangs. With that design, the machines will slice through heavy corn residues. The Saber blades feature a sawtooth edge that has 25 flutes extending the full cutting depth of the blade, which is designed to stay sharp.

READY TO ROLL: The new 6631 series of vertical tillage tools from Agco offer stay-sharp blades and enhanced design for managing heavy residues.

The machines feature a three-section design with 22 degrees of wing flex - 10 degrees up and 12 degrees down, which keeps tillage cutting edges engaged. A five-section-patented spilt-wing design is featured on the larger 6631-35 and 6631-40 models. And frames ride on walking tandem axles that float over uneven surfaces. An A-frame tongue design provides two-position drawbar adjustment to match tractor drawbar height for level operation.

There are three finishing reel options including an 11-in. or 14-in. flat-bar reel or a 14-in. chevron reel.

You can learn more about the new 6631 series by visiting

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