New Videos Added to Consumer Education Series on YouTube

Six more 'Ask the Meat Science Guy' videos have been uploaded.

The American Meat Institute Foundation has added six new videos to AMI's YouTube channel, Meat News Network at

Well-known meat expert Randy Huffman, president of the AMI Foundation, is featured in the "Ask The Meat Science Guy" series. It is a nine-part, short video series that provides answers to many of the questions consumers pose about meat and meat safety.

Topics including sodium nitrate benefits, cooking steaks versus cooking hamburgers, safe meat handling and many others are covered in the videos.

"Social and new media outlets like YouTube are really emerging as influential forces in educating consumers and shaping their opinions and behaviors," AMI Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Janet Riley said. "Consumer research shows there is a knowledge gap in food safety information, and we hope that these YouTube videos will help close that gap."

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