New Web Site has Information on Ethanol

New Web Site has Information on Ethanol

Online resource helps consumers learn about ethanol benefits.

Growth Energy has announced the launch of a new online resource to help consumers learn more about the tremendous benefits of ethanol for America's environment, economy and national security. The site includes answers to many frequently asked questions about the ethanol industry, as well as retail information.

Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis calls  a one-stop shop to learn more about the remarkable benefits of high-tech, homegrown ethanol. Buis says ethanol is affordable and available now to grow the economy, green the environment and enhance national security. Buis invites consumers and retailers to visit to learn more about the promise of ethanol.

The Web site also contains helpful retail information such as E85 and blender pump locations, uses of ethanol and a listing of the Flex-Fuel Vehicle models on the market today. The site also provides valuable resources for prospective ethanol retailers including information on tax incentives, pump installation and conversion, as well as ethanol purchase.

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