New Web-based Program Helps Swine Management

PigCHAMP will be distributing the Feed Allocation System.

PigCHAMP has been granted an exclusive world-wide license to distribute the Feed Allocation System web-based software program developed by PrairiE Systems LLC. PigCHAMP and PrairiE Systems LLC are working together to develop a suite of products for the swine industry that combines the practical feed and budget management capabilities of FAS with analytical and reporting power.

Bob Brcka, General Manager of PigCHAMP, says the program "provides the real-world, real-time ability to manage feed ordering and budgeting. This process can have a huge impact on an operation's profitability, especially with rising feed costs."

Current FAS customers will not see any noticeable difference in products or services, but new customers will work with PigCHAMP for sales and technical support.

The Feed Allocation System by PrairiE Systems was built to facilitate adaptive feed management to help producers provide the right type of feed at the correct intervals to maximize growth. Call 712.852.2189 for more information, or go to:

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