New Windrower Lineup Launched for 2010

New Windrower Lineup Launched for 2010

John Deere announces the 400 Series line with three new models.

John Deere is launching a whole new line of self-propelled windrowers for 2010 - the 400 Series Line. There are three new models available for the line - the 125-horsepower A400; the 125-hp D400 and the 200-hp R450. The A400 and R450 replaces the 4895 and 4995 windrowers. The D400 is a new machine dedicated for draper applications.

Bigger farms with higher forage needs have a need to cut crops faster and the new 400 series is designed to do just that. The new machines have faster transport speeds, a smoother ride and updates in overall styling. In addition, they're more maneuverable compared to the machines they replace. Transport speeds have been ratcheted up to 21 mph on these new models.

John Deere revamps self-propelled Windrower line with new 400 series, which includes faster transport speeds.

New rear-axle steering assist has three modes of operation. From 0 to 4 mph, the system is inactive, which allows better control during slower cutting speeds in tough field conditions, or for sharp end-row turns. From 4 to 8 mph, there's a partially active steering mode, where hydraulic cylinders attached to the rear caster wheels begin working together with the front drive wheels to allow enhanced control.

At speeds above 8 mph, the rear steer-assist system is fully active, which offers improved handling when at higher cutting speeds, or roading the machine during transport.

Under-frame clearance on the 400 Series is 7 inches greater for larger windrows, and helps avoid dragging the crop through the field. And a new muffler cuts sound levels for a quieter working environment for the operator.

You can learn more by visiting Check out the table below for more model information.

New John Deere Self-propelled Windrowers


Head Offerings



Sickle, Honey Bee Draper

125 hp


Draper, Sickle

125 hp


Rotary, Sickle, Honey Bee Draper

200 hp

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