New yield monitor from Topcon

New yield monitor from Topcon

Company rolls out YieldTrakk, which when paired with the x30 display, offers enhanced, precision features.

Yield monitors have almost become standard equipment on a lot of machines, yet there are innovations happening in this part of the precision agriculture world. Topcon is rolling out the new YieldTrakk monitor, which works in conjunction with the company's x30 monitor to provide an upgrade to your existing system.

This monitor uses an optical sensing, volumetric approach to measure yield and provide real-time data collection. The system measures and maps yield, moisture and cut rate, as well as total weight of the crop during harvest.

When mated to the Topcon x30 monitor, the new YieldTrakk offers enhanced measurement technology.

The system uses non-contact optical sensors installed in the clean grain elevator to calculate accurate live yield data. The electronic control unit converts the measurement into a weight for the crop harvested. When the crop travels up the bubble up auger, a second set of sensors measure crop moisture level and incorporate that data long with yield output.

The system will work with nearly every brand of combine on the market today and includes retrofit solutions for most combines. The system is a plug-and-play application for Claas combines and a connection sing ISO in Agco Fieldstar II-ready machines. The monitor is integrated with Topcon Horizon software on the Topcon x30 touchscreen console. YieldTrakk works with most software packages in the industry for further analysis of your crop and yield. Learn more at

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