New YouTube Channel Offers Tips on Newborn Calves

New YouTube Channel Offers Tips on Newborn Calves

Videos offer producers ideas on improving the immunity level of newborn beef or dairy calves.

There's a new video resource available to dairy and beef producers to help them make sure that newborn calves get immediate immunity.

ImmuCell, a company dedicated to providing products that help animal agriculture producers improve both their bottom line and the health of their animals.

New YouTube Channel Offers Tips on Newborn Calves

ImmuCell has establisihed a YouTube channel to help educate dairy and beef producers, veterinarians and the agricultural industry about newborn calf immunity. This resource center, available at, offers management tips and industry research. Dairy and beef producers can also hear firsthand from other producers and veterinarians how they provide immediate immunity to their calves at birth.

Videos currently available for viewing on the Immediate Immunity channel include veterinarian and calf grower perspectives on: newborn calf management protocols, the importance of colostrum, working with custom calf raisers and disease prevention in newborn calves.

Steve Hayes, is a featured veterinarian on the channel. He indicates that providing immediate immunity to calves can have lasting effects on dairy and beef operations.

"How we handle the calf today may have an impact years later when the cattle enter the herd," Hayes says. "All diseases on a cow herd can be transferred to a calf on the day of birth. If we enlist  good, strict management that first day, and provide the calf with immediate immunity, calves can be protected against diseases and will do better in the long-run." 

Bobbi (Kunde) Brockmann, director of sales and marketing with ImmuCell, says the tools found on the page can help beef and dairy producers provide immediate immunity and long-term health benefits to their calves.

The Immediate Immunity YouTube channel is a valuable resource for all cattle producers," Brockmann says. "It's vital to our industry that producers and veterinarians share their experiences and learn from one another about newborn calf management. The actions we take on day one play a pivotal role in the growth and productivity of the calf's future."

Producers, veterinarians and industry members can view videos on the Immediate Immunity YouTube channel by visiting Additional information is available on the Immediate Immunity Facebook page at:

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