NFU Pleas for Haitian Support

NFU Pleas for Haitian Support

Johnson asks that public contributes to CARE Foundation.

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson is encouraging NFU members and the general public to contribute and work with the CARE Foundation. CARE was founded in 1945 to provide relief to survivors of World War II and is one of the world's largest private international humanitarian organizations. Currently the CARE Foundation is continuing to rush aid and emergency team members to Haiti.


In issuing his plea for support, Johnson said, "NFU strongly encourages those who would like to put their compassion for helping others into action by working with the CARE Foundation. NFU hopes that we will be able to come together during this tragedy and assist those in Port-au-Prince as they begin the road to reconstruction."


For more information and to contribute to the CARE Foundation please visit the Web site:, email: [email protected] or call 1-800-422-7385. 

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