NFU Supporting Dairy Industry

NFU Supporting Dairy Industry

Crisis continues to stagger dairy producers.

A handful of U.S. Senators has joined Farmers Union members in a call for relief to struggling dairy producers. NFU President Roger Johnson said the effects of the ongoing dairy crisis are being felt across the country. Dairy producers both big and small have felt the devastating effects. Johnson added that NFU is calling on members of Congress to continue to do all they can to provide relief.


NFU continues to urge House and Senate appropriators to maintain the $350-million Sanders dairy amendment, as included in the Senate-passed fiscal year 2010 Agriculture Appropriations bill, throughout conference negotiations. Johnson called it a much needed lifeline.

NFU members, in Washington for their annual fly-in, are also suggesting passage of the Milk Import Tariff Equity Act and the Family Dairy Preservation Act of 2009; launching a review of the Federal Milk Marketing Order; launching antitrust and potential market manipulation investigations at the Department of Justice and Commodity Futures Trading Commission; and establishing a long-term supply management program.

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