NFU Urges Congress for RES in Energy Legislation

NFU Urges Congress for RES in Energy Legislation

Johnson says it would put money in pockets of rural landowners.

The National Farmers Union continues seeking comprehensive climate and energy legislation that provides meaningful energy solutions that work for agriculture. In doing so, NFU joined a group of ag, environmental, industry and labor groups Friday pressing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., for a Renewable Electricity Standard in the Senate's energy legislation. NFU President Roger Johnson says the time is now for America to make the next big investment in renewable energy.

Johnson says establishing an RES is an important tool for building a strong clean energy industry that keeps America competitive, revives American manufacturing, maintains and creates jobs and puts money in the pockets of rural landowners. He says an RES could bring $13.5 billion to farmers and ranchers further emphasizing the importance of its inclusion in the legislation. Johnson says farmers, ranchers and rural landowners can help provide the nation with the renewable energy more and more consumers are demanding, but it's up to Congress to lead the way.

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